We are 3 eco-entrepreneurs in Paris

Our Story

Wanting to recreate the way the new world interact with outdoors, we created a product.

A product that’s cool : cools your food and drinks, plays your music, charges your phone , lights up your camp and even open your beers.


Sold in over 70 stores across the world. Brought smiles, “koolness” and happiness to over 2500 homes.

Making people dance, adding colours to their picnics, bringing light to their families and creating stages for their children.

Published in Major journals ,GQ, Le Figaro, Forbes, BFM News, Journal Du Geek, Le Parisien.

Koolness was in the air…

But hey !

Is that all ? Success is not everything. Something was missing. We wanted to use our technology for the betterment of mankind.

Putting together the power of two natural forces, the sun and water, we created a product that could  solve many of the worlds cooling challenges.

A product that without power can refrigerate your food , drinks and medications for up to 4 days even in the absence of sunlight.

A product that solves in one device, the 3 of the most important needs of humans.

Light, Energy, Refrigeration.

We created the Koolhome. 

A product that is not only accessible to a sect but affordable and accessible to all.  

Whoever, where ever and when we say whoever, we mean who ever.. 

Our mission is to make cooling affordable and accessible to everyone that needs it. 

Come let’s make the world Kooler place. 🙂

Life is Kool…