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An uncertain fish trader in an uncertain market

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Even with 2 years into the business, Mrs Dele still faces each market day with apprehension. This is because some days come with steady electricity followed by days of constant blackout and you never know which day it’s going to be. She is a frozen fish seller in Ijora 2 market in Lagos, Nigeria and sells an average of 5 cartons of fish on her good market days.

With 2 children and a husband who depend on her business for income and survival, Mrs Dele has had to take risks that have landed her in debt more times than one. 

To meet up with her family’s expenses, she buys her fish produce in bulk, praying that they have steady electricity that day, and makes use of ice blocks in old fridges to preserve her goods. Some days this pays off and she’s able to sell a substantial quantity of fish. On other days, her fish produce gets spoilt because there’s no electricity and no means of refrigeration for her to preserve it. Everybody goes to bed hungry on such days.

Speaking with Koolboks about the challenges she faces , here’s what Mrs Dele had to say:

“Running a frozen food business is very hard because we don’t know what to expect. I don’t have a generator even though I’m saving to buy one. I have to use ice blocks or store my fish with other sellers that have generators. It is not a good solution for me. On days I can sell, I make good money and my family can eat. On days I cannot, my fish goes bad and my family is hungry.”

But with the Koolhome solar freezer, Mrs Dele can now see light at the end of a dark tunnel because with as low as 12,000 naira, she gets up to 4 days constant refrigeration to preserve her goods even without power and limited sunlight. 

The Koolhome solar freezers also come with external LED bulbs to help her trade at night and USB ports to charge mobile phones.

A Koolhome solar freezer

Expressing delight at this new solution, Mrs Dele said:

“Thank God, thank you people. Now, I can buy more fish in bulk, sell more and support my family. This is what we need in this market. A Koolboks solar freezer.”

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