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How Koolboks is helping Mr Olanrewaju expand his frozen foods business

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Even when working as an apprentice, my goal has always been to start my own frozen foods business. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now and it has paid me very well.

Mr Olanrewaju has had his eyes set on owning his own frozen foods business from the get go, even when he was still an apprentice, learning the ropes and doing odd jobs. He took his time to understand the market, learning from the mistakes of more experienced traders. After a few months, he was able to gather some money and decided to set out on his own. 

However, the lack of power supply was a major challenge for him, because he didn’t have enough money to buy a generator to power his freezer. Nobody was willing to give him bulk frozen foods on credit because he had no means to preserve them. He tried to get a loan from the local money lenders but at the interest rates they were charging, he knew there would be no profit left to grow his business. 

It was a good thing Olanrewaju was around when Koolboks visited Ijora market with an affordable solution for everyone. He was able to get his own solar freezer that could provide constant refrigeration even without electricity, for as low as N12,000! The freezer also came with external LED bulbs to help him sell at night and USB ports to charge his mobile phones.

Charging a mobile phone with the Koolhome solar freezer

The Koolhome solar freezers have given Olanrewaju the opportunity to grow into the businessman he has always imagined, making huge profits daily with plans underway to expand his frozen foods business. 

Life is really Kool for him!

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