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How Koolboks is helping Mrs Evelyn reach her business goals

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No money is enough to start a frozen foods business. Most of us buy on credit to maximize profit.

Mrs Evelyn decided to create a niche for her frozen foods business early on by focusing on seafoods only. As far as she was concerned, the fish and poultry markets were over saturated and she felt she could make the most profit from selling prawns, lobsters, calamari and the likes.

But this business required a lot of capital that she did not have. As a result, she had to buy her goods on credit, resell to customers at a high profit margin and then pay back on time. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved as Mrs Evelyn could operate her business even without a lot of money and still make good profit from it. 

However, this joy was short-lived as she soon discovered that her goods had a very short shelf life and she needed to get a freezer fast, to prevent them from getting spoilt. With no money to buy one and nobody to turn to for help, Mrs Evelyn was stranded.

Overhearing a few traders talk about a new solar refrigerator, Mrs Evelyn made her enquiries and learnt that with just N12,000, she too could own a Koolhome solar freezer to run her frozen foods business! What’s more? the freezers were equipped with external LED bulbs to light up her shop at night and USB ports to charge mobile phones, and could preserve her goods for longer without electricity.

Koolhome solar freezer

It was an unbelievable surprise! Mrs Evelyn rushed to get hers and today, she can buy more goods to sell, rest assured that Koolboks has got her covered with 24 hours constant refrigeration. She is well on her way to becoming a bigger businesswoman and we are so glad.

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