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How Mrs Aloba started her frozen foods business with just N12,000

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If anyone had told Mrs Aloba that she would be earning over 15% in profit daily from her frozen foods business, she would have laughed in disbelief. Yet today, this is her reality, thanks to Koolboks.

Mrs Aloba heard about the huge benefits of running a frozen foods business in Lagos from a couple of friends who had started it and she was very interested. This new business opportunity promised huge gains and a better means for her to care for her family. 

However to start, she did not have enough capital and the issues with electricity in her area gave her serious cause for concern. One major problem for her was how to find the money to buy a deep freezer as she knew that this business was solely dependent on how well she could preserve her goods. 

In the early days of her business journey, she tried to buy frozen foods (fish, meat and seafoods) on credit to pay back when she resold to customers. But it didn’t work out as she had to pay more than twice the original selling price and received a lot of insults when she couldn’t pay back in time. 

Frozen foods being preserved

A Koolboks outreach in Ijora market, Lagos, proved to be a lifeline for her when she heard about the Koolboks solar freezers, that could preserve her goods for up to 4 days even without power or sunlight. Even better was the fact that she could pay for the freezer in installments for as low as N12,000 monthly!

Today, Mrs Aloba is thriving in her business and we can’t wait to see her do more and expand with the Koolhome solar freezers!

What’s your story? You too can be a proud owner of a Koolhome solar freezer. 

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