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Koolboks gears up for Phase 2 of its Market Outreach

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The Koolboks Ijora 1 market outreach conducted earlier in the year was a massive success, reaching over 220 traders of fish and other perishable goods with affordable off-grid solar refrigerators. In a bid to cater to more traders and increase access to clean solar energy in the region, Koolboks is conducting a week-long market activation training to prepare for the second phase of its market outreach. This training started on Friday, 2nd of October, 2020 and was just concluded on Wednesday, 7th of October 2020.

Our goal is to reach the second Ijora market and then move on to 10 other markets including Oyingbo market, Epe market in Lagos, Nigeria before the end of the year.

You can find excerpts of yesterday’s training in the images below, with our engineers providing in-depth knowledge of the Koolhome power plan and freezer installations to trainee technicians: 

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