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Meet Marion, our very own Wonder Woman

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We call her super amazing Marion.

Efficient with a laser-focused attention to detail, Marion is the Admin, Legal & Compliance Lead at Koolboks and is the one person you call when you want to get things done.

She is a legal practitioner with over 10 years practical experience in company secretarial services, corporate governance advisory, business advisory & regulatory compliance services, and an impressive track record of mitigating risks and delivering legal solutions in top-tier firms.

She is fun loving, compassionate and has the best sense of humour. Over the weekend, we asked Marion some interesting questions. Read on to find out her response 😉:

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I would say that I’m a very organised person. Principled and intellectual.

What is the most interesting thing about working at Koolboks?

For me, it would be building something from the ground up that has the potential to impact so many lives positively. Being a part of this process and helping to put in place the right structures and systems. Just being a part of the magic that is Koolboks, really.  

Movies, books or music. Which one of the three can you live without?
Tough one, but I’ll go with movies

What’s your hidden talent? Something you would definitely be making money from if you weren’t a lawyer?

I’m probably the most organised person you’ll meet, so maybe something that has to do with that? An event planner or a writer, maybe.

And our final question, where do you see Koolboks in the next five years?

Easy, I see Koolboks growing exponentially in the next five years, and solving a dire need in Sub-Saharan Africa. I see a company with great structures in place, more awareness about off-grid cooling solutions in this climate and Koolboks becoming a household name. 


We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our team! Stay tuned as we introduce to you the amazing minds behind Koolboks. 

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