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Meet Ubong Charlie, our Research & Development Engineer

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A proud graduate of mechanical engineering from the university of Uyo and a young Nigerian innovator, Ubong Charlie has been making big moves long before he joined the team at Koolboks. 

He was selected in 2017 on what is seen as the ‘shark tank of Nigeria’ where he invented a solution to combine the air-conditioner and refrigerator as a single unit, using the same compressor! 

This solution is called the COOLFROST and is set to increase energy efficiency and ensure healthy and affordable living in Nigeria. 

Ubong is currently the research and development engineer at Koolboks and is in charge of all local tests and activities regarding its products in Africa.

During the week, we asked Ubong some very interesting questions and here’s what he had to say 😉:

What was your experience creating the COOLFROST and where do you see this solution headed?

My experience creating COOLFROST was a very exciting one because I’ve always been passionate about creating solutions that make life more convenient and this does exactly that. I see COOLFROST being further developed and used across states in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

What’s the most interesting thing about working at Koolboks?

Definitely the team. Working with great minds to create an amazing solution. 

If you could invent anything today, what would it be?

[laughs] I would like to invent a product that makes life more convenient for everyone.

I’m also currently working on some ideas in aviation, to help provide aid and rescue in areas affected by natural disasters.

Tell us your three favourite things.

Solving problems, DIY and getting the latest news in technology.

And our final question, where do you see Koolboks in the next five years?

I see Koolboks taking over Sub-Saharan Africa and scaling even to other countries outside this region. Because I believe the Koolboks solution is one that cuts across regions and is for all those who require off-grid cooling products.


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